GenY Executive Hitch
GenY Executive Hitch

GenY Executive Hitch

Due to our limitations and needs, while we are full-time, we needed an easy way to get the 5th wheel hitch out of the truck and we didn’t want to have to set this one on the ground by the RV as I think it makes our site look trashy. We specifically chose the GenY over the Goosebox because of the higher payload. Having an RV with a weight of 20k lbs, we didn’t want to go with a hitch that was max rated at 20k lbs.

We are VERY impressed with the build quality of the hitch. This hitch is much thicker metal over the stock hitch as well as the powder coat finish is thicker. Ya, the overall weight of the GenY is more than the Roto-Flex, but, once the B&W hitch is removed from the truck, our overall weight actually went down.

Installation was not very difficult, although it will be hard to do by yourself. We have seen others use their truck to support and jack up the hitch into place, but we chose to just use two people and pick it up by hand. After all, once you get the first bolt into place you do not really have to hold it any longer, rather, just move it slightly so the remaining bolts line up.

The best part of using the GenY is that we have the use of the bed again without having to take out a heavy hitch. Ya, our old B&W hitch was only 150 lbs. or so and it could be broken down into two sections, but when you must take this out, it’s just a pain in the butt. And with just the gooseneck ball in the bed, if we do need a flat surface, it’s easy to remove the ball and place it in the toolbox.

One of the biggest limitations you may find with using this type of hitch, is if you need a different truck to haul your RV. If they don’t have a gooseneck ball, or at minimum a gooseneck capability, you are dead in the water. As well as if you are traveling, since you no longer have a standard 5th wheel hitch, you are not able to tow that way… which could work in your favor with people asking you to tow.

Hitching up is so simple now. Although we did add a Furrion observation camera to the bed of our truck to help with seeing the ball. To hitch up, all we do is pull the truck so that the ball is directly under, or quite close, and lower the RV. Having the auto hitch as the RV lowers onto the ball it will allow the latch to move and once the RV is lowered and seated correctly, the latch will close. Unhitching is also just as easy, you just pull the latch cable so that the ball is not locked into the hitch any longer and raise the RV. We tend to raise the RV about 1 inch over the ball. This allows us to see better when it comes time to hitch it back up again.

GenY recommends 1000 miles to break in the hitch due to the way the torsion flex tubes are constructed. The first 500 or so miles, wow, this thing bounced. Around 1500 miles is started really smoothing out and around 2500 miles we could very much feel the difference. We also found that the stuffer the rear suspension on the truck, the better it rides. We now have our airbags set to 85 lbs and it does great. One of our very good friends has a 21 Ford 450 and his first trip with the GenY, his ride was very smooth and according to him, the best gooseneck ride he’s ever had. Overall Yep, we would recommend this hitch to anyone, and we have, but we know many others that have now gotten the GenY.

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