RV Tank Sensors & Flushing
RV Tank Sensors & Flushing

RV Tank Sensors & Flushing

Do your tank sensors read incorrectly? It’s possible they are malfunctioning or possibly, you just have not flushed your tanks well enough.   

When I just do my regular every few days drain and flush it’s just the typical RVer drain and flush with 10 gallons or so. But every few weeks I give the tanks a good flush and outlined below. keep in mind when flushing, to clean the sensors, you need to get clean water running continually over the sensors.   

Black tank:  When flushing my black tank, after I drain it, keep in mind I also use a water meter, I close the valve and fill the tank using the RV flush with 15 gallons or so of water then drain, then fill with 30 gallons, drain, 40 gallons, drain, and finally with 50 gallons, and drain. And at this point, my sensors tend to register just fine. And I typically do this type of flush every few weeks.   

Gray tanks: To give my grey tanks a good flush, I’ll make sure the valves are closed and turn on both the electric and propane water heater portions so I get plenty of hot water, turn the kitchen sink faucet on, and put about a cup of dawn dish soap in the sink and just let it all goes down the drain. Once the tank sensors show full, I’ll give it about 5 more minutes of the water running to make sure it’s good and full and turn the water off. Then I’ll go do the same for the bathroom sink and shower since they run to the same tank. While the grey tank 2 is filling, I’ll empty tank 1.   

Reverse Flushing: (link to adapter below) Once every few months, or when my sensors do actually start ready funny and I can see need a little more cleaning, I’ll do a reverse flush. This is basically the same as a standard flush but you are adding water to the tank by way of a hose connected to an adapter and filling the tank in reverse. It also allows you to fill the tank much faster.   


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