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About Us

About Us

Jeret & Jenn – RV’ing Adventurers

We are Jeret & Jenn Burnett, founders of WagonMaster’s Travels and our motto is “Making Smiles Into Memories!!!”. We currently full-time in our 2019 Grand Design Momentum 399TH and call “home-base” around the Sacramento California region.  

Meet Our Crew…

We have our fibs, yes “fids”, that’s fur-kids, that go pretty much everywhere with us.

Holiday (Daddy’s Princess)
Dodge (left) – Sammy (right)

Full-Time RV’ing

We have been living in our RV since Sept 2017, we had full hookups at our last house and as of June 2018, we sold our house and became sticks & bricks free true full-timers. We spent our first year and a half living fulltime in one location and taking continual weekender outing at least once a month. But now, we bounce around the Sacramento region so we can enjoy more that life has to offer. Now we are able to do what most only dream of and see what many only see online. Like, stand in a field of Elk.   

Tule Elk Preserve – Point Reyes National Seashore (Inverness, CA)

Where did our love of RVing start?

Back in October of 2014, we purchased our first RV, a 2003 Keystone Cougar 295. We thought we were high on the hog and living it up, let me tell ya. It had everything we wanted or could ever want and we thought for sure that we would have the Cougar for at least 10 years before we look at upgrading… or so we thought.

2004 Chevy Silverado – 2003 Keystone Cougar 295

After about 6 months or so we found that we didn’t like some things and we just plain wanted other things. Like an all-in-one bathroom and a King bed was top of the list. But most intriguing was the new leveling systems. Both Jenn and I have some mobility issues and setting up and breaking down camp is not the easiest.

So, one day we set out to see what new leveling systems were on the new fancy RVs with the thought that we would find something that we would like and could buy aftermarket that would go on our Cougar to make life easier. We quickly found that if you buy a newer leveling system for $90’ish,000 they’ll throw in an RV with it. So… in April of 2016, we brought home our 2016 Grand Design Solitude 375RE.

2014 RAM Longhorn 3500 – 2016 Grand Design Solitude 375RE

It wasn’t too long before our lives took an unexpected, but wonderful turn and we went from a big 4 BR house with a pool in the suburbs, to a small 2 BR mountain house on over 2 acres, to living full-time in our RV. As the kids were getting older and our interest in RVing went from a weekend enjoyment with friends to a love of the outdoors, travel, and quite frankly, our newfound RV’ing friends, we started growing away very fast from wanting a large house to not wanting a house at all and everything associated with a sticks & bricks home. So, we put everything in storage just in case and sold the house. And now we have a “home-base” region we stay near as we still have commitments here that don’t allow us to completely roam free.

And wouldn’t ya know it, our hobby of organizing Grand Design rallies made it so that we carried not only a little more than the Solitude could carry, it made it a LOT more than the Solitude could carry. So, in July of 2019, we again upgraded and brought home a 2019 Grand Design Momentum 399TH.

2014 RAM Longhorn 3500 – 2019 Grand Design Momentum 399TH