Lawson’s Landing (Dillon Beach, CA)
Lawson’s Landing (Dillon Beach, CA)

Lawson’s Landing (Dillon Beach, CA)

Lawson’s Landing is a family-owned and operated campground located at the mouth of Tomales Bay in beautiful Dillon Beach California. The Landing was established in 1929 and the campground was created in 1957. Be forewarned though, Dillon Beach Rd approaching Dillon Beach is a narrow two-lane road with some sharp turns. So if you are pulling a longer RV you may not wish to come during the busier times of the day and as the access to Dillon Beach Recreation area is also down this road, traveling on a major beach-going holiday, such as Fathers Day, as we found out, it could take you more than 3 hours just to go 1 mile.

What frills and thrills does the campground offer? Almost every site in the campground can accommodate the smallest of RV’s to the largest (We have a 45 foot long Grand Design Momentum 399TH). To date, we have personally stayed in sites 104, 212, 213, 215, 227, 514, 708, 727. Our favorites are 514, as it is a back-in site in the corner where we can be a little more secluded for when we want some privacy, and site 708 because we have the toy hauler and we can back up far enough to the seawall that our rear deck overhangs the water and gives us a very nice view. Not to mention we can fish and even go crabbing right off our own deck.

This is also a dry-campground with no on-site amenities. No, I do not mean dry as in you can not drink, lol. The campground has water faucets around the campground for you to get water if needed and 2 dump stations located relatively in the middle of the campground. But your site will not have power, water, sewer, cable, WiFi, or any of the other amenities you may be used to. So if you do not bring it, you don’t’ have it.

The Landing has an on-site boat launch for smaller boats as this is a very popular place for fishermen and crabbers. There are not any playgrounds for kids, pools, or anything of the such. So if you are coming to the Landing with children, bring something to keep them entertained or just let them go play in the sand.

Rates: As with most places depends on the time of year, but they typically run between $45 and $65 per night.

On my “Worth-A-Stay” scale from 1 to 10, 1 – being OH MY GOD worthy of passing up and never looking back, to 10 – being OH MY GOD worthy of a must-visit again, I would rate this campground as a “6” for a few reasons:

Reason 1 – Although the campground is nice and it is one of our favorite places to go, there are not many amenities on-site (which honestly, is a nice thing once in a while). We understand the issues with having pools, hot tubs, game rooms, ballrooms, etc., and all the additional costs associated with such amenities, but I would like to see more; mini-golf, kids play-gym, pickleball court, fenced dog run, etc.

Reason 2 – Dry camping. Even though we love to go dry-camping and boondocking, and quite honestly this is one of the features we love about the Landing, for the majority of the RV’ing world, this is a downfall.

Reason 3 – Upkeep. The roadway in the Landing I think has more potholes than the surface of the moon. You will definitely want to take it slow while driving to your site.

Thank you for reading our review on Lawson’s Landing – hopefully, it was useful, meaningful, and informative!!!

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