MORRyde Independent Suspension & Disc Brakes
MORRyde Independent Suspension & Disc Brakes

MORRyde Independent Suspension & Disc Brakes

With us being full-time RVers, we really look at this as an investment upgrade remodel for our home rather than just an RV upgrade, kind of like how someone remodels their kitchen or bathroom in a regular sticks and bricks home. We average 15k to 20k miles a year right now and we are typically moving to a new place to stay every few days to few weeks. Ya, we could have stayed with the stock Equa-Flex suspension, but let’s face it, we wanted and needed better.

We are VERY impressed with the build quality of the suspension and brakes. The new IS system is VERY well built and strong as well as the brakes work PHENOMENAL now. Prior to the upgrade our brake controller was set to 6 for most driving and 6.5 to 7 for hills and mountains. Now, it is set to 4 for typical driving and 5 for hills and mountains. Not to mention that the brake pads can be purchased at most any Auto-Parts stores around the country.

The install took just under 3 days. The MORRyde crew starts at 6am each day and ends at 2pm. We were pretty much done and out of the shop bay by noon on day 3. Prior to arriving at MORRyde to get this installed, we were under the impression that there was a whole crew that installed the IS. Well, there is and there isn’t. While they have a crew of installers, each installer is the only one that works on your RV unless they need another set of hands to lift something. This means that they are the only ones to do it all and do not have to worry about someone else forgetting a step nor do they have to go back to check someone else’s work. Our tech was Eric and wow, this guy knows his stuff, from electrical to welding to fabrication to painting.

What a ride!!! Prior to the install, we would have to pretty much pack up the whole RV on travel days making sure that everything was in its place. Now, we still pack things up, but much is now just set on the floor in the garage or living room, and in the bedroom, we do not even clear off the end tables, we just leave that stuff right where it sits. Going over bumps, ya, we hear and can feel the truck hit them, but we do not really feel anything from the RV anymore.

Ya, we added some weight to the RV overall, but not too much considering how much better ride we get now. As I’m sure everyone knows, the RV manufacturers typically use the tried-and-true Equa-Flex suspension with leaf springs and hard axles. Some may be thinking that if the IS is so good, why not put it on from the factory rather than some cheaply made components. The fact remains though that all though the Stockton components are cheap compared to many of the upgrades possible, many to most people do not want to spend the money for higher-end components nor do they need it. If you look at the additional costs of upgrading, if that cost was added to the initial price, many will not buy that RV.

We have no problem telling everyone about the IS and highly recommend it to anyone that is wishing to upgrade and want nothing but the best. If interested in the system, you should call them to get put on the install list as MORRyde, as of the posting of this video, is booked out to 2023, well over a year away. There are only currently two places in the US where you can get the IS, MORRyde themselves in Indiana or at Henderson’s Lineup in Grants Pass Oregon.

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