MORRyde Under Step Storage Box

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Being full time has come challenges, where to stay next, dealing with that ass of a neighbor… but one of the biggest challenges is, almost everything you own goes with you everywhere you go. So finding a place for items becomes a challenge when you do not want your RV to look like you are preparing for an episode of Hoarders.

We recently installed the MORRyde Under Step Storage Box and wow, this will defiantly help with utilizing every space possible. Having a toy hauler, ya, we have a HUGE amount of space, but we want as much livable space as possible. So we are not inclined to pack our family/garage full of boxes of stuff. This storage box allows for a dead air space to be used. A month or so ago we installed two additional stinky-slinky tubes as we carry over 60 feet of sewer hose for those just in case sites. But we always end up putting the hose holders and sewer end pieces anywhere we can. Now, we put these in the under step storage. We are even looking at the possibility of adding another box elsewhere.

Granted, the box is not large by any means, but really, how big do you think a box can be when its right next to the frame and cannot stick out past the skirting. It’s roughly a foot and a half to two feet of space.

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