RV Snappads
RV Snappads

RV Snappads

Since we are full-time, although this still applies to all those that RV, we can’t stand taking forever to get set up, and every little bit of time we can shave off the setup time we are glad to do it. The Snappads are a wonderful addition, and we are very glad we got them. Now, instead of getting out all those 2×2 blocks and the pad and putting them under all the jacks, we just unhitch and hit the auto level button and start putting other things out we need.

We are VERY impressed with the build quality. As mentioned in the video we are very impressed with how thick and strong they are. What is nice also is that they are made from recycled material, what was once a no good warn out tire, is now a useful product.

The install is very straightforward and easy. Even though during the video we tossed the instructions to the floor for dramatic effect, yes, we did read them prior to installing. But basically, just put some dish soap on the rim of the Snappad so that your jacks can glide and slide easily into them, and the dish soap will dry up and dissipate in a few days. You can take the pads off if needed by pressing on one edge to unsnap it, then work your way around the pad, but they are meant to be put on and left on.

Overall, RV Snappad is a great product and we have no problem telling everyone about RV Snappads and highly recommend them to anyone with an RV.

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