Smoked Ham, Potatoes, Corn
Smoked Ham, Potatoes, Corn

Smoked Ham, Potatoes, Corn

What fun this dinner was to make!!!!! Using a smoker to cook with is one of my favorite ways of cooking, this and my Blackstone are my go too.

The ham, corn, and potatoes were all purchased our local Walmart. When selecting the ham, get the one with the purple wrapping. It should be a spiral cut, ya, you can get a non-spiral, but it just won’t taste the same once you’re done as you can’t get the flavor into each piece. Since this video was made, we have also found that using just plain brown sugar and honey to make the glaze tastes even better as the brown sugar glaze that comes with the ham has a hint of cinnamon in it.

We pre-heated the smoker to 180 degrees while we prepped the food and although the meat is pre-cooked, getting the internal temp of the ham to roughly 135 to 140 is best. So once the meat was on the smoker we cooked it at 180 for roughly 45 minutes, then kicked it up to 225 for the remaining time.

Depending on how you like your corn, some will not like the texture of the smoked corn after its been on the smoker for a bit. So once the corn has been on the smoker for 45 minutes or so, you may want to take it off and wrap it in foil, then place it back in the smoker for the remaining time.

✅ Smoker and Raised Rack Used

Upper Rack

Davy Crockett Smoker

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