Using a Romba to clean your Toy Hauler?
Using a Romba to clean your Toy Hauler?

Using a Romba to clean your Toy Hauler?

So, do you have a toy hauler and hate vacuuming as we do? Why not get a Romba and let it do the work for ya everyday. Yes, we got a Romba 675, and we named it Clide, and every day Clide cleans the floor of the Momentum for us. But with having a toy hauler, there is a lip that goes from the kitchen area to the garage that Clide just won’t pass. So, we built a ramp and not Clide cleans the whole floor every day.

Our next project for Clide is to make a custom location for it under the fireplace so it is not taking up any floor space when not in use.


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      Where someone is on the list means very little really. Everyone that wants to attend and keeps the weekend open stands a good chance of attending. Many to most will not keep the weekend open as they think they’ll get the call months ahead of time when in all actuality most cancellations don’t come in until just a few weeks prior. That is the time when the waitlist will really start to move, up until then it’s quite slow.

      I wish I could give ya a better guesstimate on when you’d get a call to register, but if I know that I wouldn’t be hosting rallies, I’d be sitting on a beach in the Bahamas enjoying my Lottery winnings. 😉

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