Lake Minden RV Resort – Thousand Trails park
Lake Minden RV Resort – Thousand Trails park

Lake Minden RV Resort – Thousand Trails park

What is it at Lake Minden RV Resort that keeps drawing us back to it time and time again? Why is this one resort considered our “Home-Base”?

Welp, since we love the weather so much in the Central California region and we are members of Thousand Trails, it makes sense for us to utilize what is available to us. We are on the road quite often going from one RV rally to the next. But when we are not traveling, we tend to “go home”. My company, Valley Motor Escort, is based out of Sacramento, so we inevitably have to return from our travels from time to time. I know, it sucks. but in order to be able to go play, we have to make sure things are taken care of.

So why Lake Minden? Honestly, even though it is an older resort, it is very well maintained most of the time and the staff is wonderful and really do care that their guests have a fun and enjoyable time. There are some full hook-up sites available in the A section, which is right near the front entrance, while areas B and C are the dry camp areas, usually for tenters. There are some water faucets available though to get water. Most of our stays at the resort are in the D section, which is located on the back side of the lake. The D section though, is only partial 30-amp-hookups (E/W). We have done enough RVing with limitations so living on a 30-amp site is not a biggy for us. Ya, it would be nice in the summer to not have to turn off the ACs so we can use the microwave, but ya do what ya have to, with what you have. There is also a dump service that comes through once a week, currently on Thursday, so you can still empty your tanks without needing full hookups. Keep in mind though how big, or small, your holding tanks are so that you do not fill them prior to needing a dump.

Many times though, during the spring and fall when the weather is nice enough to not need to use the ACs or the electric heater, we tend to go to the far end of the C section. We are able to park right next to a water faucet and since we can still function without needing to be connected to electricity (small solar inverter setup), we are able to leave a hookup site open for someone that needs it.

Section A can be a little tight for larger RVs, 32 feet and longer. While B and C are pretty much unlimited for size, and the D section, you can fit just about anything in any of the sites with a few that are for shorter RVs.

We have met some very nice people at the resort also, as well as many of our good friends come to the resort often during their travels.

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